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How to Blouse Boots – 4 Proven Methods!

how to blouse boots
Written by Benedikt Meyers
Last Update: August 23, 2023

For most military people, obtaining that perfect balloon-like blousing appears to be a common practice. If you consider blousing as a practical talent, it may benefit anyone who enjoys outdoor hobbies like hunting or hiking. Blousing is essential for preventing dirt and debris from getting into your boots. Blousing your boots can also be used for other purposes. Blousing your boots might also help keep the chilly air from sneaking up your trousers throughout the winter months.

How to Blouse Boots – 4 Easy Ways

Blouse Boots

1. Make use of elastic bands

Using elastic blousing bands is among the easiest and quickest methods to blouse your boots. This method allows you to blouse boots in a manner that guarantees chilly air out of your trouser legs and prevents anything from getting into your boots.

You’ll Need These Things:

  • Combat boots, hiking boots, or work boots
  • Thick socks
  • Loose-fitting pants, such as army pants or hunting pants
  • Blousing bands made of elastic

Once you’ve gathered everything you’ll require, follow these instructions to blouse boots:

  • Put on a set of thick socks.
  • Place the bands on both feet and slide them on. If you have a variant with Velcro straps, you may wrap them around your ankle.
  • Put your trousers on.
  • Tuck the base of your trousers within the blousing bands.
  • Fold the remaining material of the trouser over blousing bands. This will result in a balloon-like appearance.
  • Pull the material down but just enough to cover your socks.
  • Put on your boots.

It’s the most frequent method of boot blousing amongst military troops. As you’ve seen, this is a straightforward and risk-free technique, but there is a catch. Blousing bands would keep your pants in place extremely effectively, however, the elastic bands could get uncomfortable after a while. Maintaining elastic bands somewhat loose will ensure that blood circulation does not cease, but still, you will become unpleasant after a certain time.

2. Tuck your trousers in

You could have assumed that someone wearing bloused boots simply tucked their trousers inside their boots if you first noticed them. Although service personnel doesn’t ever tuck their trousers under their boots’ collars, you may get a similar effect. This is maybe the simplest technique to blouse your boots.

You’ll Need These Things:

  • A pair of trousers
  • Army boots, hiking boots, or work boots

This method does not require the purchase of any special pants or equipment. Once you’ve gathered everything you’ll require, follow these instructions to blouse boots:

  • Put on your trousers.
  • As you stretch the material of your trousers over your ankles, tuck the additional material in the back.
  • Put on your boots.
  • Tuck the bottoms of your trousers under the boots’ collars.

The downside to this approach is that your trousers will constantly slide out of the boots. That can become annoying after some time, especially if you’re on the move. To fix this issue, fold your trousers from the inside of the socks and blouse your boots alternatively. While this method will not stop insects from accessing your boots, this should keep you comfortable and stop dirt from entering them.

3. Use bands or blousing straps

You don’t have to purchase combat dress uniform trousers if you don’t want to. Using a blousing strap within your usual trousers is another option to blouse your boots. This approach is comfier than placing elastic blousing bands around your ankles, plus it will keep your trousers from slipping off.

To utilize such boot blousing method, you’ll need a few items:

  • Army boots, hiking boots, or work boots
  • A pair of comfortable, loose-fitting trousers
  • Blousing strap or garter made of elastic
  • A pair of ordinary socks

Once you’ve gathered everything you’ll require, follow these instructions to blouse boots:

  • Put on your trousers and socks.
  • Fold the base of your trousers up to your legs as much as you can.
  • Adjust the rolled-up material against your legs by pulling the trousers down.
  • After pulling the legs up, wrap the straps around a section of the legs that was flipped inside out.
  • Pull your trousers up once more.
  • Make sure your pants’ bottoms are adjusted.

If you blouse the boots that way, you won’t be able to get the normal balloon-like appearance. That’s a minor disadvantage since you didn’t have to think about your trousers falling out from the blousing strap. The blousing straps might make you feel unpleasant after some time, which is a disadvantage with this technique.

4. Put on battle dress uniform trousers

Another way to blouse the boots is to get trousers that are made specifically for blousing. Service personnel wears battle dress uniform trousers because they are sturdy. You can usually get a pair of them if you go to army surplus shops or order them online.

Purchasing a pair of combat dress uniform trousers might be worthwhile for someone who wants to blouse boots for practical purposes such as hiking, hunting, and many similar activities. Two layers of material make up the bottom section of these trousers. Inside, there’s a layer with blousing ties, and the outer layer hangs over most of the bloused boots.

You’ll Need These Things:

  • A pair of combat dress uniform trousers
  • Army boots, hiking boots, or work boots
  • A pair of thick socks

Once you’ve gathered everything you’ll require, follow these instructions to blouse boots:

  • Put on your battle dress uniform trousers and socks.
  • Wrap the blousing straps over your ankles towards the inner layer.
  • Put on your boots.
  • Adjust the external layer of your trousers’ bottoms over your boots’ collar.

You may even fold the upper layer of your combat dress uniform trousers under your boots’ collar. That way, you’ll not only keep debris, filth, and insects out of your boots, but you’ll also block the cold from trying to come up through the trouser legs. The use of combat dress uniform trousers is a quick blousing technique. These trousers are quite comfortable to wear and can withstand a lot of damage making them perfect for military usage as well as other outdoor activities. There’s also the assurance that you won’t have to bother about any other accessories.

Situations in Which Blousing Is Useful

1. While participating in outdoor activities

Blousing can be applied to any outdoor activity that comes to mind. Consider while you’re cutting the grass on a windy day. Cut grass might fly up your moving trousers legs, if you blouse your boots, that should not happen.

2. While riding a horse or a bicycle

While riding a horse or bicycle through the wilderness, you usually pass by objects at close range. Your trousers’ legs may catch on brambles and bushes. It’s especially important when riding a bicycle since the trousers may get stuck in the pedals. Cycling shorts are designed for serious and fast cyclists because of that.

3. During the cleaning

If you’ve ever cleaned up a filthy, cobweb-infested room, it’s easy to picture spiders popping out of shadows and scurrying up your trouser legs. You can prevent this nightmare by tucking your trousers in.

4. While using toxic substances

When working with hazardous substances, you should wear the necessary safety equipment. However, if it has not been provided, fold your trousers into your boots. It prevents chemicals from splattering on the floor and then launches them back at you.

5. Jogging

Do you like to jog or run for workouts? If you’re wearing loose-fitting trousers, fold the legs inside your socks. It keeps them from swinging around in movement, which is especially useful if you’re a track runner. It also eliminates the possibility of tripping accidents.

6. In snow

It’s one thing to keep the cold out, but it’s quite another to keep the snow out. Snow is flaky, and a single stride on dense but lightweight snow may send flakes flying up your trouser leg. If you blouse your boots, you are protected from the freezing molecule’s cold impact.


1. What trousers are best for blousing?

Combat dress uniform trousers are built for blousing. These trousers are generally found at army surplus shops, but you’ll be able to purchase them online as well. These trousers are tough and versatile, making them ideal for hiking, hunting, and other recreational activities.

2. What does it mean when you blouse your trousers?

Blousing your trousers implies giving them a ballooned look at the bottom. They may appear tucked in and puddle around the tops of your boots. Tucking the trousers inside the socks or boots is one technique to blouse your boots.

3. What causes people to fold their trousers into their boots?

People tuck their trousers into their boots even outside the military to look fashionable. For many, though, it is practical, particularly while hiking, hunting, or riding a horse. Some people also do it while cycling to keep their trousers from getting stuck in the pedals or bushes.

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