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10 Foot Tendonitis Exercises for Instant Relief

Written by Benedikt Meyers
Last Update: August 23, 2023

If you happen to be suffering from foot tendonitis, there are some exercises that you can try to help speed up the recovery process. All these exercises are easy to do and can be done at home whenever it suits you.

Following are some of the foot tendonitis exercises that you can try.

10 Foot Tendonitis Exercises

1. Towel stretch

foot tendonitis exercises - Towel stretch

The first exercise that you can try for your foot tendonitis is the Towel Stretch. To do the Towel Stretch, you need to have a spare towel at hand. Simply take the towel and place it underneath your foot. Then grab both ends of the towel in each hand. Your hands should be just above your knees. Then, proceed to pull the towel backwards i.e. towards yourself. Apply the pressure for about 15 to 30 seconds and then let go.

Repeat this process about two to four times in each of your sessions.

2. Standing calf stretch

foot tendonitis exercises -Standing calf stretch

Standing Calf Stretches are also good foot tendonitis exercises. As the name indicates, this exercise is useful for flexing the calf muscles as well as the Achilles tendon.

Doing this exercise is simple. Firstly, face a wall and put your hands against it. The hands should be in line with your face i.e. at your eye level. After that, put the leg you want to exercise one step behind the other. Thereafter, bend the knee of the front leg while keeping the heel of the back foot against the ground. Keep bending the knee until you feel a strain in your back leg. When you feel the stretch, hold the position for 15 to 30 seconds.

3. Heel raises

foot tendonitis exercises -Heel raises

Heel raises are a simple exercise that you can try for your foot tendonitis. The purpose of this exercise is, like standing calf stretches, to strengthen the calf muscles. These are the muscles that later on connect to the Achilles tendon.

Heel raises are as simple as the name sounds. To do the exercise, you simply stand on a flat piece of ground. Let your body fall loose and relaxed so that it does not tilt to one side. After that, lift your heels upwards as much as you can easily. When you are at the highest point, flex your calf muscles to tighten them. Thereafter, lower your heels to the ground and repeat the process.

There is another way you can go about this exercise. Instead of doing a standing heel raise, you can also do a sitting heel raise. This would involve pretty much the same exercise except that you would be sitting instead of standing.

4. Plantar fascia stretch

foot tendonitis exercises

This is also an activity that you can do to stretch your calf muscles. In the above exercise (‘Heel Raises’), the purpose was to stretch the calf muscles by ‘elevating’ your heels. In the Plantar Fascia Stretch, you are doing the same thing but instead of ‘lifting’ the heels, you will be ‘dropping’ them.

Here is how to do the Plantar Fascia Stretch: Stand on a step with the front half of your foot resting on it and the rest protruding backwards off it. Hold on to the railing so that you don’t fall off and injure yourself. Then, start lowering your heels. This will involve relaxing the muscles of the calf. When you have lowered your heel, you will feel some minor pressure up your leg. This pressure is the stretch you’re looking for. Maintain this position for half a minute, and then tighten your calf muscles, thus bringing your heel back up. Do this for both feet.

5. Ankle flexion

foot tendonitis exercises

Ankle flexion is an exercise aimed to strengthen the ankle using the movement of the toes. This exercise involves the use of a band and is therefore not completely manual. This exercise is done using the following steps:

First, sit on the ground with one leg straight and one knee bent. The heel of the bent leg should be on the floor. Once you are in this position, place the band around the front of your foot and hold either end of the bands in both hands. After applying the tension by using the band, point your toes downwards towards the heel. Do this slowly, and thereafter bring the toes back again.

Repeat this exercise.

6. Sitting plantar fascia stretch

foot tendonitis exercises - Sitting plantar fascia stretch

There are different types of exercises that you can do while sitting to stretch your plantar fascia. Here is one way you can go for a sitting plantar fascia stretch.

This exercise is the most common way to stretch your plantar fascia while sitting. This exercise involves stretching the big toe of each foot. To do this exercise, first, have a seat. Make sure that you are sitting straight. No slouching here. Then, reach forward and grab hold of your big toe. Pull it gently towards you. Hold it for half a minute and then release it. Do the same with the other foot.

7. Toe bend

foot tendonitis exercises - Toe bend

This is another exercise that you can try for your foot tendonitis. This exercise is as simple as it sounds; you simply bend your toes using your hand.

To do this exercise, simply sit down on the ground with legs stretched straight. Then, raise your right leg and curl it, hence putting your ankle on your left thigh. Once your ankle is at your other thigh, grab your toes one by one and bend them downwards. This will create tension in the joint. Hold each joint for five seconds and then switch to the next toe. Do this for all toes on either foot.

8. Towel Curls

foot tendonitis exercises - Towel Curls

Towel Curls are another good exercise that you can try for stretching and relaxing your foot. The first thing you have to do is get a towel or an exercise band. Then, sit down on a chair or a bench placed on a piece of hard ground. Tiles and wood floors are good for this sort of exercise.

Then, once you are seated, place the towel lengthwise in front of yourself. Put your foot down on one end. What you are essentially going to be doing is pulling the towel towards you by catching it in your toes and the arch of your foot.

Do this exercise for both feet one by one.

9. Ankle Dorsiflexion/Plantar Flexion

foot tendonitis exercises - Ankle Dorsiflexion/Plantar Flexion

Ankle dorsiflexion is an exercise that helps flex your ankle and create tension in the calf muscles. To do this exercise, all you have to do is pull your toes backwards viz. towards yourself. You have to do this exercise when you are sitting flat on the floor. Thereafter, you should stretch your legs out in front of you. With your legs in front of you, start flexing your toes backwards towards your shin. Hold the toes in the backward stretch to do this exercise.

10. Hamstring wall stretch

foot tendonitis exercises

To do the Hamstring Wall Stretch, simply lie down on the floor next to a wall viz. where a wall ends. This exercise is done by simply keeping one leg straight on the floor and the other leg is raised at a ninety-degree angle and is rested against something, which is typically a wall. It can also be the arm of a couch or some similar support.

Do this exercise for 10 seconds for each leg.


1. What is the fastest way to heal tendonitis of the foot?

According to a source, the best and fastest way tendonitis can be treated from home remedies is to take care of the four factors: having proper rest, using ice on the affected parts, compression by means of bandages etcetera and elevation.

2. How long does tendonitis take to heal in the foot?

Normally, foot tendonitis can take up to 2 or 3 weeks to heal.

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