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5 Best Futsal Shoes in 2024 Review & Guide – BestShoesHub

Futsal or indoor soccer is a game that’s highly influenced by soccer. However, the shortage of pitch area and the reduced number of players makes the game more intense and skill-oriented than soccer. That’s why you can’t make do with the strategies or equipment used in soccer to conquer the futsal pitch.

Similarly, futsal shoes have huge differences compared to traditional soccer shoes. For starters, the spikes aren’t there. It’s because futsal is played on either plain hard surfaces or artificial turf. Manufacturers from all over the world try to keep their futsal shoes lightweight and flashy for making the skill moves even more enjoyable for both the players and the crowd.

There are thousands of futsal shoes available out there of which, hundreds might work perfectly for you. But, without the perfect knowledge of the products, it’s almost certain that you’ll bump into a pair that will do you no good. Here, we’ll showcase 5 high-quality futsal shoes with our detailed experience with them. We’ll also include a buying guide so you can make an informed purchase.

Top 5 Futsal Shoes We Reviewed

01 Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe (Editor’s Choice)

Why It Stands Out to Us

Having been around for more than 70 years, the Samba Classic series is undoubtedly the top choice for futsal shoes. These classic sneakers come with sleek all-leather construction that catches the eye. They can be easily mistaken for a pair of casual shoes because of their stylish shape.

The rubber sole of the Samba Classic gives you exceptional balance on different kinds of surfaces. You can wear them to the gym without having to worry about damaging them. The texture all over these shoes helps you hit the ball with perfection every time.

High performance, premium materials, durability, classic looks- you name it, the Samba Classic has it all. Despite featuring all these functionalities, these shoes don’t fall too heavy on your wallet. If you’re looking for the highest-quality futsal shoes out there, you can choose Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic without hasitation.

Our Experience With the Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic

  • Like all premium Adidas shoes, the Samba Classic came with great packaging. We loved the design and build quality of these shoes. The classic three stripes design coupled with a casual shape gave them a great appearance.
  • Adidas used quality synthetic leather all over the Samba shoes. The insides were very comfortable with exceptional paddings.
  • We had no trouble tying the laces and they stayed tight even when we were running at full speed. The shoes seemed suitable for narrower feet because of the shape of the construction.
  • The arch support felt like a hit or miss depending on the foot shape. People with narrower feet will be the most benefited from this.
  • The Samba Classic proved to be a great option for gym shoes. Activities like running and powerlifting seemed very natural with these futsal shoes. The insoles offered exceptional shock absorption and support throughout our time with them.
  • We loved how they performed on plain surfaces. The outsole provided amazing grip and we rarely lost our footing with these shoes on.
  • They made amazing contact with the soccer ball. We could hit volleys perfectly with either side of the foot. The long tongue coupled perfectly with shin pads and offered an additional layer of protection to the legs.
  • Though they’re made for indoor soccer, these shoes seemed suitable for casual use as well. They looked nothing like soccer boots when we wore them with jeans. You can rock them outside the pitch without looking odd.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They didn’t seem suitable for people with wide feet.
  • The all-leather construction makes them hotter than most training shoes during intense training.

What Could Be Improved

  • Adidas could use the boost technology for better shock absorption.
  • The pair could be a little lighter.

Our Recommendations

If the pair feels uncomfortable even after the break-in period, remove the insole and peel off the arch support. People with wider feet can also use this technique to gain some extra room.


  • Dimensions: 12x 7x 5 inches
  • Weight: 13.8 Ounces
  • Available Designs: 8
  • Available For: Men
  • Material: Synthetic Leather


  • Excellent appearance
  • Top-shelf materials
  • Comfortable paddings
  • Amazing shock absorption
  • Great grip
  • Suitable for casual use
  • True to the size
  • Easily affordable


  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • A bit heavy

02 Diadora Men’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes (Also Best)

Why It Stands Out to Us

Coming from the famous Italian sportswear manufacturer, the Diadora Men’s Capitano ID is one of the best shoes you can choose. These exceptionally well-designed shoes are made of high-quality synthetic materials that don’t expand too much. So, you can expect them to be true to their sizes.

Featuring quality gum rubber outsoles, the Capitano ID shoes are suitable for both plain surfaces and synthetic turfs. The low but extremely well-cushioned soles give you a greater extent of balance and ball control compared to most other indoor soccer shoes.

The supportive padding on the sides and the heels give you the edge over your opponent by making your turns sharper. Despite offering so much, these fantastic shoes come with a very small price tag. If you’re looking for a pair of quality futsal shoes at a low price point, the Capitano ID is undoubtedly your best bet.

Our Experience With the Diadora Men’s Capitano ID

  • Coming with astonishing packaging, the Diadora Capitano shoes gave us an amazing unboxing experience. They featured an eye-catching design and the build quality seemed world-class as well.
  • Diadora used premium synthetic polyurethane on the upper. The soft EVA foam wedge in the insole and midsole felt extremely soft and comfortable.
  • We noticed that the shoes were true to their size and didn’t expand too much with time. So, our recommendation will be to go for the exact size of your feet.
  • The Capitano shoes were very comfortable to wear. Though they seemed a bit on the narrower side, we didn’t face any problem regarding fitting.
  • The gum rubber outsole provided a great grip on different surfaces. They didn’t even feel slippery on dusty plain surfaces. However, they weren’t as effective on real grass.
  • Despite having less height than most other futsal shoes we tried, the insole of the Capitano provided exceptional shock absorption.
  • In terms of ball control and dribbling, the Capitano shoes were amazing. We compared them with the Adidas Mundial Team Turf and found out that they outclassed the Team Turf in controlling the ball.
  • We tested the Capitano shoes for about three months and played at least twice a week with them. There were no noticeable damages during our time with the shoes. We can confirm that these shoes are sturdy enough to withstand a beating.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The arch support was very minimal
  • They didn’t seem suitable for people with wide feet.

What Could Be Improved

  • Arch support and heel padding could be increased a bit.
  • Diadora could make the shape a little wider.


  • Available For: Men
  • Available Colors: 3
  • Available Sizes: 13
  • Material: Synthetic Polyurethane


  • Great design
  • World-class materials
  • Shock absorption midsole
  • Abrasion-resistant outsole
  • Exceptional grip
  • Comfortable padding
  • True to size
  • Great pricing


  • Minimal arch support
  • Not suitable for wide feet

03 Nike Men’s Futsal Shoes (Best for Firm Footing)

Why It Stands Out To Us

Inspired by Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr, the Nike Men’s Futsal shoes feature an outstanding appearance.  However, it’s not the looks that made these shoes so famous. The lightweight but protective materials all over these shoes boost your confidence and improve your game like nothing else.

Coming with a grippy rubber outsole, these exceptional footwears are suitable for plain surfaces. Nike has put a thick insole to increase the shock absorption to the max so that your feet are safe and comfortable even while playing on the hardest of surfaces.

The micro-texture of these shoes makes excellent contact with the soccer ball, making those Neymar-like sharp skill moves even more fun for you. Considering the features they come with, they have a very reasonable price point. If you’re playing on the hard plain futsal courts, these shoes are the perfect fit for you.

Our Experience With the Nike Men’s Futsal Shoes

  • The shoes came in a very good-looking orange Nike box. The Neymar Jr-inspired design and color pattern looked amazing. We also loved the overall build quality of the shoes.
  • Nike used synthetic materials to make this model. Soft and textured synthetic materials covered the shoes from the toe to the heel. Foam and rubber were used in the midsole and outsole respectively.
  • Surprisingly, the break-in period was exceptionally short and the shoes were true to their sizes. They seemed suitable for people with narrower feet because of the narrow construction.
  • The rubber outsole provided great grip on plain surfaces like basketball or futsal courts. During our time with these shoes, we didn’t slip even on the most slippery and dusty surfaces.
  • Performance-wise, they were world-class. We played futsal at least twice a week with these shoes for about two months and they seemed like one of the most comfortable indoor soccer shoes we’ve used. They weren’t too heavy or light, which helped us massively in terms of keeping our balance.
  • The texture all over these shoes made excellent contact with the soccer ball. It seemed perfect for both close-range dribbling and long-range shooting. We found no scratches or damages after pulling off hundreds of slide tackles with them.
  • Nike put a thick insole into the shoes. It’s understandable because they’re made for plain and hard surfaces. The padding on the heels and the insole protected the feet from damages.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Didn’t seem like a great choice for people with wider feet
  • The thick insoles made them too tight for some

What Could Be Improved

  • The insole could be a little thinner
  • Nike could have used their Lunarlon technology to make the cushioning better

Our Recommendations

  • If space inside the shoes feels too tight for your feet, just replace the insoles with a pair of thinner ones. This will free up a lot of room for your feet.


  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Material:  Synthetic
  • Available Designs: 2
  • Available For: Men


  • Astounding appearance
  • Quality materials
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced ball control
  • Thick insole for better shock absorption


  • Not great for wider feet

04 Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat (Best Indoor Artificial Turf Surface)

Why It Stands Out to Us

Coming with the old-school Adidas striped design, the Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleats give you the classic look. These exceptionally engineered shoes are the perfect example of all-leather constructions. With extremely soft paddings on the inside, they’re easily one of the most comfortable shoes out there.

The dense studs increase the number of pressure points on the outsole, which makes these futsal shoes suitable for both plain surfaces and turfs. You can fold the tongue and the Velcro tapes on the base will keep them attached. Although they’re made of leather, the Mundial Team Turf cleats have a very short break-in period.

With all the premium functionalities, you’d expect this model to be expensive. But Adidas has kept them in an affordable price range. If you play futsal on turf, the Adidas Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleats are an absolute no-brainer.

Our Experience With the Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf

  • The unboxing experience was very satisfying. The pair came in a black and white traditional Adidas box which was in completely good shape. We loved the old-school appearance of the shoes.
  • Adidas used different materials in the Mundial Team Turf. The toe cap was made of premium k leather and the heel and the tongue looked to be made of synthetic leather. For the base and the outsole, Adidas used rubber, which seemed pretty solid as well.
  • We put the shoes on straight away after the unboxing was done. They took a little time to break in, which is completely normal for any leather shoe. We knew it previously so we went half a size down for each of the pairs we ordered.
  • The shoes were very comfortable to wear after the break-in period. The laces were in perfect length and we could tie them very easily. The insides were nicely padded and both the sides supported the foot firmly.
  • We loved using the pair on artificial turf surfaces. The studs being dense helped a lot by increasing the number of pressure points. We found it very comfortable to stand or run on both soft and hard surfaces.
  • Though not the lightest shoes we used, they weren’t too heavy either. The internal paddings were so good that the weight didn’t feel like an issue at all.
  • Adidas put a long tongue in this model. There was the Adidas logo on both sides of the tongue. We could fold the tongue in half and the Velcro tapes on each side held them pretty well.
  • The heel area seemed very comfortable. It was hard on the outside with soft and supportive paddings on the inside. We didn’t face any issues while wearing these shoes for an extended period.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Adidas didn’t use their boost technology in the Mundial Team Turf shoes
  • The studs aren’t made of hard materials
  • Kangaroo leather was only used on the toe cap

What Could Be Improved

  • The spikes could be made of hard plastic
  • Adidas could include the boost technology in this model

Our Recommendations

  • Don’t cut the tongue if you don’t like having long tongues in your shoes. Use the Velcro instead and fold it in half.


  • Dimensions: 7.7x 13.5x 4.75 inches
  • Weight: 12.8 Ounces
  • Available For: Unisex
  • Material: K-leather, synthetic leather, rubber


  • Old school design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Premium k leather
  • Foldable tongue
  • Short break-in period
  • Outstanding traction
  • Exceptional control


  • No boost technology
  • A bit heavy

05 Adidas Unisex-Child Samba Classic Boots Soccer Shoe (Kids’ Choice)

Why It Stands Out to Us

Growing children have feet that are shaped differently from the adults. So, just getting the smallest size of a pair of adult shoes won’t do your little one any good, especially if it’s for any sport. That’s why you need to opt for products that are made just for the kids, like the Adidas Child Samba Classic model.

The Samba Classic series has been here since the fifties. First introduced to the market for protecting the players’ feet from the cold weather, these shoes have evolved quite a bit throughout the years. Now they feature a casual flavor with the classic three-stripes design. Made with synthetic leather, they provide great cushioning to the feet.

Adidas kept the sole very low, which makes these indoor soccer shoes great for close-range dribbling. Children can wear them for futsal, freestyling, and street football. Another great thing about the Samba Classic is that they don’t cost you a fortune. Overall, they’re an excellent choice for any young player who wants to tear the opponent on the pitch and look cool doing so.

Our Experience With the Adidas Child Samba Classic

    • The Samba Classic shoes came with great packaging. We were very satisfied with the classic look and the premium feel of the shoes. Adidas seemed to have done a very decent job in putting these shoes together.
    • Adidas used soft synthetic leather in the Samba Classic Boots. A common complaint about leather shoes is that they’re overly cushioned. But, the Samba Classic boots seemed to have the perfect amount of cushioning and paddings that don’t make them too soft or hard.
    • We put them on straight after unboxing and found out that they were true to their sizes. The break-in didn’t take a lot of time and there wasn’t a noticeable expansion. The shoes seemed perfect for wide feet.
    • The Samba Classic, unlike the Samba OG, featured long tongues, which can be folded or cut depending on the kind of style you want to rock. We tried both soccer and casual socks with them and they worked perfectly with both of them.
    • The outsole was made of gum rubber. Adidas kept it very simple and low. Being close to the ground, we had a lot of control over the ball. The rubber grips seemed perfect for flat surfaces.
    • We gave a few pairs to actual children and played a few games of indoor soccer with them. They seemed to love the shoes as we spent hours playing futsal.
    • The futsal shoes worked great as casual shoes as well. We rocked them with joggers and jeans on several occasions and they didn’t look odd even once.
    • After using the Samba Classic shoes for about two months, we can confirm that they’re sturdy enough to last for a long time. The weight seemed perfect for futsal, street soccer, and freestyle soccer.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They didn’t seem suitable for people with narrow feet.
  • The shoes were a bit heavier than most of the futsal shoes we reviewed.

What Could Be Improved

  • They could be a little lighter.
  • Adidas could use k leather instead of synthetic leather.


  • Dimensions: 9.7x 7.1x 4.2 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 Ounces
  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Available for: Unisex-child
  • Available designs: 6


  • Great design
  • Premium material
  • Comfortable padding
  • True to the size
  • Suitable for casual use
  • Exceptional arch support
  • Great pricing


  • A bit heavy

Futsal Shoe Anatomy

Futsal Shoe Anatomy

1. Toe Cap

The part that covers your toes in futsal shoes or any other shoe is called the toe cap. It’s important that futsal shoes offer sufficient protection to the player’s toes because you’ll see a lot of toe pokes in this format of the game. If you’re new to indoor soccer, you should know that the toe cap gets involved in the action very frequently.

2. Insole

This part of the shoe provides cushioning and comfort between the player’s feet and the sole. Indoor soccer games are played on harder surfaces compared to the outdoor version. That’s why the insole needs to be comfortable and protective at the same time.

3. Midsole

The area in the middle of the sole of any shoe is called the midsole. In futsal shoes, the midsole absorbs shock and reduces most of the stress or tension from the legs of the player. Midsoles might not look or sound as important, but this part plays a huge role in keeping you sharp on the pitch.

4. Outsole

The outsole is a very crucial part of futsal shoes. This is the part that makes contact with the surface. The basic purpose of this part is to provide balance and grip to the player. Most indoor soccer shoe manufacturers use gum rubber in their outsoles. Shoes that are made for playing on the turf often come with stealthy studs, while the others just feature grips.

5. Upper

The upper is the part that surrounds the front side of the player’s foot. To hit a perfect volley in the game, you need to connect the ball to this area of the shoe. Most indoor soccer boots have uppers made of leather or synthetic materials.  No matter what they’re made of, uppers need to be both protective and lightweight.

6. Heel

Heels cover the back of the player’s foot. This part of the boot absorbs shock during quick twists and turns. When the movement is frequent but irregular, the back of the feet requires firm support to keep the balance. That’s why heels found in most sports footwear are hard on the outside with soft padding on the inside.

Futsal Shoes Buying Guide: Features to Expect

Futsal/Indoor Soccer Shoes: Buying Guide

1. Consider the Surface

The choice of futsal shoes depends heavily on the type of surface the game is played on.  Indoor soccer is mainly played on two types of courts;

a) Synthetic turf

b) Hard indoor court

For playing on the hard and plain surface, you’ll need a pair that features a flat outsole with an extensive amount of grip. On the other hand, synthetic turfs offer way more traction. So, you can afford to go for traditional-style soccer shoes if you’re playing on turfs. Shoes made for turfs often come with rubber grips or even small studs that don’t damage the turf but give you a good grip.

2. Playing Style

Players of different positions have dissimilar roles in futsal. This fact influences the manufacturers to design the shoes differently for players of each position. If you’re well aware of the position you’ll play in, you can benefit from the distinctive features of the shoes that are manufactured with that particular position in mind.

a) Attackers

If you play in attack, you’ll want to score as many goals as you can for your team. Make sure to go for the shoes that feature a clean strike zone (both sides on the front of the shoe. Lighter shoes are perfect for attacking roles because they allow you to maneuver the ball easily.

b) Defenders

As a defender, you have to guard your side’s goal and dispossess the opponents on any chance you get. You’ll be looking to throw in a lot of challenges that can cause damage to your foot. That’s why opting for the shoes with the most protective features and paddings will be the wisest choice.

c) Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers in futsal have pretty much the same role as in soccer; to protect the goal. However, with a smaller pitch, futsal keepers have to be on their toes all the time. If you’re a futsal goalkeeper, you’ll be involved in a lot of lateral movements. So, look for shoes with a good amount of lateral traction and support.

3. Material

It goes without saying that the materials used in futsal shoes impact their durability and performance. Different materials will give a different feel that can make all the difference in your game. Typically, manufacturers use two types of materials in their futsal shoes;

a) Leather

Players who prefer an elegant touch on their feet often opt for leather shoes. Leather shoes are flexible, soft, and very comfortable to wear. However, after the break-in period, most leather shoes tend to stretch a little bit. That’s why it’s better to go half a size down if you’re going for a leather futsal shoe. The most commonly used types of leather for futsal shoes are;

  • Kangaroo leather
  • Full-grain leather
  • Suede leather
  • Calfskin leather

b) Synthetic

Synthetic materials are artificially engineered for making different products. The advantage of this material is, it can be given any kind of density, softness, or strength depending on the requirement. Futsal shoes made of synthetic materials don’t stretch as much as leather. They’re also less expensive than their counterparts. Two types of synthetic materials are used in futsal shoes;

  • Synthetic leather
  • Mesh

4. Support

Regardless of your playing position or the material, if your futsal shoe doesn’t offer enough support, it’s going to cause you some pain one way or the other. Most renowned manufacturers tend to keep their shoes low-cut for keeping your feet close to the ground for a better balance.

Make sure that the futsal shoe you’re going for has rigid arch support and sidewalls so that it’s comfortable when you’re sprinting. Remember that the sidewalls have to connect to the shoe sides properly or else your foot will wiggle around, which can affect your balance.

5. Breathability

Breathability is the key in any kind of sportswear and futsal shoes are no different. Most lightweight shoes will offer more breathability than heavier ones. Shoes made of breathable materials will help you perform better in intense games. Especially, during long training sessions, the breathability of your futsal shoe will be your best friend.

6. Weight

The weight of the futsal shoes depends on the preference of the player. Normally, soccer shoes are slightly heavier than futsal shoes. So, if you’re used to playing soccer with regular soccer boots, you can opt for heavier futsal shoes. On the other hand, if comfort is your prime concern, go for the more lightweight options.

7. Budget

Like most other sportswear items, quality futsal shoes don’t come cheap. Some manufacturers produce quality indoor soccer shoes that don’t come with a big price tag. However, if you want to go for name-brand products, you’ll have to spend some extra bucks for sure. The budget of a pair of futsal shoes can range from $25 to $200 depending on the brand and the features.


Q. 1: What other sports can be played wearing futsal shoes?

Ans: Futsal shoes are mostly flat and low-cut, which makes them suitable for running or frequent foot movement on flat surfaces. They’re also lightweight, which makes them a good choice for games that require stealth and precision. Considering the facts, you can play games like badminton, tennis, and golf wearing futsal shoes.

Q. 2: Can I wear futsal shoes casually?

Ans: Futsal shoes are almost identical to casual shoes as they have a low and flat base. You can easily rock them with jeans or joggers without looking odd. Make sure to go for a stealthy design if you’re aiming to wear futsal shoes casually.

Q. 3: Can futsal shoes be used to play soccer?

Ans: Futsal shoes aren’t suitable for running on the grass as they simply don’t have enough grip. However, if the surface you’re playing on is plain, you can use your futsal shoes.

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