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Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support – BestShoesHub

Serious injuries to the ankles of players are an unfortunate aspect of the basketball game. It is very much possible to unintentionally sprain or roll your ankle at a moment’s notice that could lead to painful injuries.

Luckily, recent technological advances across the sports industry have allowed basketball shoes to provide maximum level of ankle support and help prevent injuries, contributing to a safer level of performance as a result.

Here we reviewed some of the top-notch basketball shoes for ankle support that money can buy. This is your chance to make an excellent buying decision that’ll help keep your feet safe and sound no matter how aggressive you play.

Top 5 Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support Reviewed

01 PEAK Basketball Streetball Breathable Cushioning Sneakers (Top Man’s Choice)

Why It Stands Out to Us

This one is a great choice for men who want great support and comfort. We loved the design of these as well. And multiple color choices mean you can pick one that suits your style.

The quality of these shoes is top-notch, and we aren’t really surprised about that since it’s from the guys over at PEAK. They are known to make good quality products, and the customer ratings speak for themselves.

Our Experience with the PEAK High Top Men’s Street Ball Master Shoes

  • The first thing that jumped out to us (no pun intended) is just how good the ankle support is. We got superb lateral support, thanks to the STA stabilization module. The module is made in a way that it rolls up on the outside for extra support.
  • Comfort was just as impressive. We tested these for quite some time and didn’t feel any major discomfort. You can easily wear them for long periods of time.
  • We make sure that we put all the products through their paces. This pair uses an upgraded rubber formula which increases durability. Wear and tear were not an issue during the time we tested this pair. Of course, these won’t last you forever but will hold up for quite some time.
  • Design and looks are subjective. But we liked what PEAK did here. It’s minimal and comes in a classy design that gives a professional look.
  • Whether you want a pair of shoes suitable for pros or a beginner, this one does a fantastic job. With a solid and thick outsole, we got ample traction which kept us planted firmly on the ground.
  • That great traction will help you move with agility in the court and won’t bruise your feet, either.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not the best arch support. As good as these shoes are, better arch support would have really made it a great choice.

Who Is It Great for?

  • Men who are looking for solid basketball shoes that are comfortable to wear and durable will love these. It will also help you with your game, thanks to the traction.

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • Future revisions with better arch support will be a much-appreciated improvement.

Our Recommendations

  • If you don’t mind the arch support, then get this one. You won’t regret it.


  • Brand: PEAK
  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Gender: Men
  • Multiple Sizes: Yes
  • Multiple Colors: Yes


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Available in different color options
  • Multiple sizes
  • Durable build quality
  • Provides great traction


  • Arch support could have been better

02 PUMA Women’s Sky II HI SF Texture Wn’s Basketball Shoe (Top Women’s Choice)

Why It Stands Out to Us

We don’t think PUMA needs an introduction. The brand has been in the business for a long time, and they surely know a thing or two about shoes. And that’s exactly what they proved with this one.

The Sky II HI SF is a fantastic choice for women that want the best of the best to dominate on the basketball court. The fit is superb, and the comfort you will get from wearing these is quite phenomenal. And not to mention your ankles will be fully supported.

Our Experience with the PUMA Women’s Sky II HI SF Texture

  • While comfort and durability are some of the main things you need to look out for when buying shoes, the design is still important. We loved the design of this pair. It’s very minimal and doesn’t scream at your face.
  • Female athletes that want low-key shoes that perform will love it. It’s made from 100% leather and is one tough cookie. Durability is something PUMA nailed here. While taking it out for a spin, it held up quite nicely even during intense play sessions.
  • Another impressive aspect of it is just how comfortable the shoes are to wear. Our testers were tasked to play a couple of games wearing these shoes. After a while, we asked them what they felt about them. To no surprise to anyone, none of the players faced any issues.
  • These were very easy to take off as well. The Velcro straps not only gave us a firm and comfortable fit but also made taking the shoes off super easy.
  • All of that is fine and dandy. One small gripe we have with this pair is the lack of color options. You will be limited to just black and white. We would have liked more color options, and that’s what our athletes mentioned as well. Some would have liked a colorful option to add a bit of zing.
  • It came in many different sizes. So, finding the right fit wasn’t a problem in the slightest. That’s a plus since a good fit is important for ample ankle support.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The lack of color options is a bit of a bummer. White and black are classics, but more vibrant options would have made our day.

Who Is It Great for?

  • Women who want to kill it on the court and perform their best with a pair of shoes that are durable, comfortable, and provide a great fit can go for this one. Your feet won’t get tired during long matches.

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • Adding more colors to these will make it appealing to a wider range of female players.


  • Brand: PUMA
  • Material: Leather
  • Gender: Women
  • Multiple Sizes: Yes
  • Multiple Colors: Black and White


  • Durable 100% leather material
  • Comfortable
  • Provides a great fit
  • Velcro straps make it easy to take off and put on
  • Minimal and classy design


  • Only 2 color choices

03 Adidas Kids’ Hoops Mid 2.0 Basketball Shoe (Top Kids’ Choice)

Why It Stands Out to Us

We checked out shoes for both men and women. Why should kids be left out then? Well, if you want to buy basketball shoes for your kids that are not only absolutely adorable but also perform, the Kid’s Hoops Mid 2.0 from Adidas is our pick.

These give you great grip and should be comfortable for little and sensitive kid’s feet. And the durability is here too. Adidas didn’t skimp on the materials just because these shoes are meant for kids.

Our Experience with the Adidas Kids’ Hoops Mid 2.0

  • During testing, we loved how great the comfort and the grip were. These shoes felt right at home with our little athletes in the making. The arch and the ankle support were pretty good as well.
  • The rubber outsole did fantastic when it came to keeping the players on the ground. They are very grippy.
  • The midsole is made from EVA. That means one thing; comfort. The cushioning with these was on par with all the other models in this review. Your kid can easily wear these shoes and have a great time without getting fatigued.
  • No good pair of basketball shoes are worth it if they aren’t built to last. That won’t be a problem with these. Adidas used synthetic material which gives it some impressive durability. We didn’t feel like these wouldn’t handle normal wear and tear.
  • The sock liners are special too. And the brand calls it ‘OrthoLite.’ It makes these shoes even more comfortable to wear on top of the great support and fit.
  • Different available sizes are another thing you will appreciate. We tested 2 different sizes, but there is a total of 4 to choose from.

What We Didn’t Like

  • These aren’t the best-looking shoes. The performance is there, but design-wise, we have to say, it left us wanting more. They definitely aren’t an ugly pair, though.

Who Is It Great for?

  • Kids who want a comfortable pair of shoes to wear to their basketball game will love these. Their feet are already sensitive, and given how comfortable these are, they should be able to wear these for prolonged periods.

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • A new version with a little bit more panache is something we would love to see. An upgrade in the design department for these shoes would elevate them quite a bit.

Our Recommendations

  • Despite the design, they perform great. You, and more importantly, your kids, will have a blast playing in these. Go for them, you won’t find better kid’s options in the market.


  • Brand: Adidas
  • Material: Synthetics and EVA
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Multiple Sizes: Yes
  • Multiple Colors: Yes


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Durable synthetic build quality
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Good support
  • Grip is excellent


  • Not the best design

04 Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers Men Breathable Sports Shoes (Best for Outdoor Court)

Why It Stands Out to Us

The design of basketball shoes might not directly impact the performance. But no one is going to complain about having nice-looking shoes, are they? These shoes from Beita take the crown for design and are also the best for outdoor courts.

With a perfect balance of durability, breathability, fit, and comfort, these shoes will have you making those flashy dunks with utter ease.

Our Experience with the Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

  • The rubber sole has a net shape. That kept us firmly on the ground, and we didn’t feel like we were slipping during intense movement. For outdoor courts, you would want that. Our ankles felt supported during quick movements too.
  • These were pretty comfortable to wear as well. Breathability is quite important. Otherwise, your feet would get pretty sweaty, and no one wants that. Beita managed to make these fairly breathable and lightweight. Our feet stayed cool and didn’t feel like they were weighed down.
  • A unique design feature of these shoes is the molded heel shield. This was one thing that took us by surprise. Thanks to the areas of the heel, these kept our feet locked in place. You can already imagine how that would help you during games. Yes, you would have total control.
  • The material is durable. We did a close inspection of the build. The shoes are manufactured with care, and it shows. We couldn’t find any defects whatsoever. And during game time, they held up with the stressful high demands pretty well. It’s safe to say these will last for a long time.

What We Didn’t Like

  • They do run a bit pricey. Although the quality is justified, not everyone would want to pay a premium for these, and that’s completely fine. If you can afford it, though, these shoes are a great buy.

Who Is It Great for

  • Players who play in outdoor courts most of the time will love the grip and comfort. Your heels will stay locked in place. The cool design is just the cherry on top needed to bring it all together.

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • If possible, reducing the price would make these shoes accessible to a lot more buyers.


  • Brand: Beita
  • Material: Fabric and Rubber
  • Gender: Men
  • Multiple Sizes: Yes
  • Multiple Colors: Yes


  • Attractive design
  • Superb grip
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Keeps feet in place for more control


  • A bit pricey

05 JOOMRA Men’s Stylish Sneakers High Top Athletic-Inspired Shoes (Best for Indoor Court)

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you’re more of an indoor player, then JOOMRA’s men’s sneakers deserve a closer look. The design is great and very modern. And the brand went all out with performance and comfort.

Our Experience with the JOOMRA Men’s Sneakers

  • We must say the quality of these shoes really stood out. From the first time we took these out of the box, the sheer craftsmanship was apparent. Every stitch was perfectly done. It’s not often we say that about a product we review.
  • There is a noticeable bounce when you walk, run or play in these. This adds to the comfort factor of this pair. It almost felt like we were walking on clouds. Okay, we may have exaggerated a little bit there, but the point remains.
  • The fit was good. With the right size, the shoes stayed right in place, and they weren’t too tight or loose. This allowed these shoes to give great ankle support on the court.
  • Stability was top-notch. Just make sure you get the right size. We ended up with the wrong size at first and had a terrible experience. After changing the pair out for the right ones, the shoes held up phenomenally.
  • Sometimes, too many choices can be a bad thing. The choice dilemma is a real thing. Thankfully, since all the colors are so well done, we didn’t have a problem choosing one. You are sure to find just the one that fits your taste.

What We Didn’t Like

  • We felt like the durability of these could be improved a tad bit. Our unit showed some signs of wear and tear.

Who Is It Great for?

  • Basketball players that want a comfortable and well-designed pair of shoes perfect for indoor courts will love the fit and comfort of these.

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • Better overall build quality will make these an awesome deal.

Our Recommendations

  • Get these if your needs aren’t too demanding, and you know that the shoes won’t go through a lot.


  • Brand: JOOMRA
  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Gender: Men
  • Multiple Sizes: Yes
  • Multiple Colors: Yes


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Very stylish design
  • All color options are very well done
  • Provides great support
  • Ample grip


  • Durability can be improved

Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support: Buyer’s Guide

Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

1. Ankle Compression

The prime focus of the basketball shoes should be on the ankle as that’s the spot you’re going to need most of their support. This is why you need to pick a pair that’ll snug around your ankle. But don’t confuse compression with restriction. Otherwise, it might bring down your game.

2. Cut

There are two kinds of cuts in basketball shoes that can deliver better ankle support – the high-cut one and the mid-cut one. Compared to the mid, the high-cut shoes tend to deliver more support.

3. Comfort

No matter how good the support is, being uncomfortable with your shoes can never push you to the peak of your game. So, along with keeping the ankle support on the top of the priority list, put some focus on the comfort too.

4. Lateral Outrigger

In order to maximize the additional stability, the lateral outrigger can work like magic. Usually, the outsole extension on the shoe’s lateral side is known as the lateral outrigger.

The best part of having this on the shoes is while taking hard cuts, it lowers the chances of rolling to the minimum. Plus, it performs in the same way when it comes to crossovers too.

5. Uppers

  • Leather

The right kind of upper can simply change the dynamics of a pair of shoes, and on the list of the stiffest uppers, leather comes first. Though it gives superb protection, it takes a little time to break in compared to the other types of uppers.

But the best part is, once you manage to break in, they can leave behind any other upper when it comes to fitting better along with protecting the feet.

  • Synthetic

One of the most common uppers you’d be seeing out there used for basketball shoes is the synthetic ones. There’s a wide variety of materials used for making synthetic uppers, but the most common we’ve seen so far are polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride.

Compared to polyvinyl chloride, PU or polyurethane is more of a better choice as they’re ahead on the scale of durability and flexibility. Though you can’t expect it to last longer like leather, it surely can handle moisture, unlike any other type.

On top of that, it’s amazingly good at maintaining a balance between mobility and stability.

6. Traction

At the time of running towards the goal, or pulling off a trick, missing out on the traction might make you feel like standing on a wet soap bar.

The easiest way to avoid that is by checking what the outsole material is made of and what kind of tread pattern it comes with. Plus, you need to make sure the grooves are deep enough to bite the floor properly. This is how you can take the chances of slipping next to zero even if the surface is uneven.

7. Arch Support

Not having the proper support can simply bring you closer to pain after spending long hours in your shoes. That’s because missing arch support leads to an imbalance in weight distribution and can cause long-term pain later on. That’s why you need to go for shoes that offer better arch support.

8. Cushioning

Basketball is a game where the whole gameplay is dependent on jumping and running to a huge extent. If you’ve gone through the physical effort, then you already know how much pressure they put on the ankles.

So, you can’t deny the need for a pair of shoes that comes with enough cushioning within. After all, that’s what can handle the tons of stress and tension you’d put on the shoes during the game. Don’t worry; it won’t cause any pain or injury to your ankle, but only if they’re up to the mark.

9. Breathability

Any kind of physical effort can lead to sweating, and that includes basketball too. As you’re going to put on the shoes for long hours and you’d be giving a lot of physical effort, there’s a high chance of sweating in there.

The only way to keep it out of the game is by grabbing a pair that is high on breathability. It’ll also keep the chances of fungal infections away.

10. Weight

Avoid getting heavier shoes, even if they’re great with traction and all the other features. That’s because a heavy pair will slow you down and can cost you the game.


1. Do high-top basketball shoes help in preventing ankle sprains?

Ans. They do but not always. It’s often not the fault of the shoes as the prevention of ankle sprains depends more on the proper warm-up, balance exercises, core, and ankle strengthening compared to the shoe type. Besides, how you’re landing on your feet too influences how the shoes will be supporting your ankle at that moment.

2. Can basketball shoes be considered good for ankle support?

Ans. Yes, they do, but for that, you’ll have to pick up the right type of shoe. That’s because you can save yourself from ankle injury only when the shoes are providing adequate ankle support.

3. What is the best way to lace your basketball shoes to get better ankle support?

Ans. The old-school method is the finest way to get better ankle support with your basketball shoes. This is the way how the shoes can have a perfect fit and deliver proper ankle support, especially when your ones are high tops.

At first, put the lace into the two bottom holes and make sure that both ends of the lace are matching each other evenly. Now follow the crossover pattern from the bottom to the top shoelace holes. Once you reach there, tie the double knot and secure the ankle.

4. How to support the ankle at the time of playing basketball?

Ans. The best way to do that is by lacing up the ankle brace unless you’ve got shoes with ankle support. The shoes are a wiser option as they deliver the firm fit along with the support you’d need during playtime.

5. Which one is better for basketball – ankle support or no ankle support?

Ans. Using separate ankle support for a longer period of time leads to muscle weakness. But it’s different in the case of ankle support built-in the shoes as it doesn’t restrict the movement that way.

6. What makes an ankle brace different from ankle support?

Ans. Usually, ankle support is not only slender but also quite lightweight compared to the ankle brace. It promotes efficiency in the movement of the foot. On the other hand, ankle braces come with the construction of a rigid fabric which leads to foot immobilization.

7. How to measure ankle support?

Ans. Get a measurement tape and measure the ankle starting from the bone above it. Then write down the measurement in inches and search for a shoe according to that measurement.

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